Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Balcony Flower Festival in Cordoba

Balcony Flower Festival in Cordoba ,
May is a month of endless festivities in Cordoba, with a feast for the senses on offer, as flowers fill patios and balconies, and adorn crosses throughout the city, music is played, food and drink is served, and springtime exerts its intoxicating influence on allcomers.

  A stroll through night-time Cordoba in May, with its balmy temperatures, beautifully lit courtyards, secret corners, floating guitar songs and infectious atmosphere, is an experience every visitor to Andalucia should enjoy.

 Here is a list of flower and spring-themed festivals in Cordoba which you can experience every year during the month of May.

  27 April - 1 May Cruces de Mayo
  2 - 13 May  Patios Contest
  19 - 26 May Cordoba Feria

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